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Dual Ram Vertical Broaching Machine

Dual Ram Vertical Broaching Machine  Dual Ram Vertical Broaching Machines.pdf [Size 541 KB]

Hardened and Ground Steel Ways - The machine ways for this model series are composed of High Carbon Steel, hardened and tempered, then ground to closely controlled tolerances, to provide long service life and durability

Precision Ram Slide - The Ram Slides are manufactured from close-grain, high-tensile, cast-iron material. Slide surfaces are hand-scraped for a precise fit and then flaked for maximum lubrication penetration.

Lubrication System - All Heavy-Duty Models utilize pressurized, individual point lubrication. No “tree-type” lube circuits are employed. Standard system features include low reservoir level indication, anti-start interlocking (in AUTOMATIC control mode), and high pressure indication for detecting an impaired normal flow condition.

Hydraulics - A high-performance fixed-displacement, vane pump is used in conjunction with other high performance valves and controls to form the basis of the standard machine drive system. This type of system is a reliable, industrial “open-loop” design. The pumps and valves are mounted on a stand-alone hydraulic reservoir.

Machine Frame - The Ram Slide and Table sub-assemblies are mounted on a rigid base weldment. The lower portion of this weldment serves as a coolant reservoir for the machine. This affords a compact design that use a minimum of expensive plant floor space.

Standard Colors a machine tool gray and vista green. Additional colors are available.

Standard Voltage is 220/240, 3 Phase, 60 Hz. Additional voltages are available.

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