Horizontal Internal Broaching Machine

Horizontal Internal Broaching Machine

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Ohio Horizontal Broaching Machines with the “HC” model designation utilize a close-grained, high-tensile, one-piece cast iron guide head. Machines with the “HF” model designation employ a continuously welded and thermally stressed relieved fabricated steel guide head. Each is designed and constructed to assure the rigidity and stability required for precise tool tracking. And each model uses hardened and ground alloy steel machine ways to guide the machine pull head.

The machine pull heads on Ohio Horizontal Broaching Machines are equipped with precision ground wear pads that are easily accessible for replacement when necessary. All pull heads can easily be adjusted for vertical tool alignment with the industry standard 2-inch, 8-pitch female thread for broach puller attachment. The rapid return of the broach pull head to its starting position is a welcome standard feature on all our horizontal broach machine models.

A complete range of machines with standard strokes, tonnages, and cutting speeds are available for just about every broaching need. Special machines are also available for exceptional broaching applications. Whatever your broaching requirement, you’ll get the same commitment to quality and attention to detail in everything we build for you.

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