RP/224 Vertical Surface Broaching Machines

Vertical Surface Broaching Machine

RP-224 Vertical Surface Broaching Machine.pdf
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  1. Compact, high-speed, solidly constructed vertical Surface broaching machine uses minimum floor space.
  2. Designed for secondary machining operations such as flats, slots, surface contours etc. where such operations are now performed by milling or grinding.
  3. 24” stroke, 2-ton capacity.
  4. Broaching speed up to 100 F.P.M.; return speed 200 F.P.M.
  5. Solid-state Allen Bradley programmable controls
  6. Machine ways are carbon steel coated with Moglice® anti-stick bearing surface for long service life.
  7. Ram slides are close-grain, high-tensile cast iron, ground to a precise fit.
  8. Durable cast iron guide block.
  9. Equipped with individual point pressurized lubrication system.
  10. High-performance VICKERS pump, valves and controls for reliable “open-loop” hydraulics.
  11. Rigid base weldment supports the ram and guide assembly.
  12. Easily set-up for automated or hand load applications.
  13. No pit or platform is required for operation.

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