Table-Up Broaching Machines

Table-Up Vertical Broaching Machine

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The Table-Up Broaching Machine is designed to eliminate the need for broaching pits and work platforms. The table-up feature allows parts to be loaded at operator or floor level instead from a platform.

The machine moves the work-pieces vertically to engage the broach tools. The elimination of a platform makes the operator’s job easier resulting in fewer problems and greater productivity.

The “pit less” design facilitates machine relocation for inclusion in manufacturing cells. It also increases cell design flexibility with ergonomic workstations.

The machine may be specified with a variety of optional equipment, including chip conveyors (magnetic and mechanical), shuttle tables, multiple fixturing, auto load/unload; broach removal devices and coolant lubrication.

A wide range of secondary operations may be performed on the Table-Up Machine because the design makes it easier for the operator to inspect drill, tap and mark work-pieces.

Table-Up Broaching machines are available in strokes from 36” to 72” and tonnages from 5 to 30 ton capacity.

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